• Stephany Brandt

It's a story about a van...man

Or how you can be owned by a van, that is. Henry had me from the moment he said "hi" from across the street as I drove by him on my way home, every day for 11 years.

Each time I saw him I envied my neighbor and thought, "That's a cool van!"...He must have known I was easy prey.

The day my husband Tobin and I drove by and saw the "for Sale" sign in Henry's window, we were snared. We had errands to run so we couldn't stop, but the urge to look at that van gnawed at me all night.

We stopped the next day.

It was so innocent. I told my husband, "Just go and see how much they want for it," and it was all downhill from there. I knew Tobin had always wanted one of these vans, and the secret was I'd wanted one too. Ever since my best friend's parents got a Weekender model and I remember sitting in their back seat and thinking it was the raddest van ever.

As I signed the bill of sale I realized I now had one of my own. For better or worse. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health.

- 2017 Update -

Well, Henry sits in his winter hibernation under a foot of snow. His adventures last year were limited due to some family health issues, but he's raring to get back going in 2017.

Santa brought Henry some new back seat covers from Sewfine to complete his interior remodel. Now he just needs his slave (me) to finish the job.

On his agenda for this year are his yearly paint and rust maintenance, plus fixing whatever breaks down along the way. His New Year's Resolution is to break down less, and hopefully go see Yellowstone.

A fringe goal will be to finally get his body remodel if I can find the body panels to complete his passenger side.

This stuff is real, folks...you'll get the true tales of how these vans own you and your pocketbook, while making you love them every day.

I can honestly say I've never owned a vehicle I can cuss at it one minute, then tell it "I love you" the next. That's just the quandary these little guys are.



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