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Spring Has Sprung!

The sun is out, the birds are chirping...and my chickens have already started destroying the flower beds!

Yup...Spring is here in Central Oregon, and I'm getting ready to make a big move to a new home with more farm space for the entire crew. Some of the chickens have already moved and we're gearing up to move the house in another month.

We also had a new addition join our family this winter: Trogdor the Pug! He's made an awesome addition to our furry and feathered family, and is already learning the ropes of how to live with a whole flock of chickens and an elderly cat.

If Trogdor had his own reality TV show, it would be called "Eating the Inedible - With Trogdor." He's a typical Pug and loves to eat anything, but we try our best to make sure he's eating things that are safe for Pugs. (Not leaves, sticks, or that weird clump that just fell off your shoe.)

Henry Van is still in storage and hasn't had his first trip of 2018 yet, but we're hoping to change that in the next couple weeks. He hit it out of the park last year on our Yellowstone trip, and we'll have to do his annual shake-down cruise to see what things we'll need to fix this year. If you own a VW van or motorhome you know what I mean - they always break down.

Hope your week has been fabulous, and here's a couple Trogdor pictures to brighten your day.

Trogdor with his Mini-Me

Conquering Mt. Brandt!

Keepin' an eye on the chickies.



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